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Frequently asked questions

How do I sign-up for a course?

Check our "Upcoming Courses" page to see if the course you want is scheduled at a time and date that works for you. If not, please contact us and we'll be happy to schedule a course with you!

Do you offer Private Lessons? How much do they cost?

Yes! Private Lessons are a great way to maximize your training time whether you're by yourself, with friends, family, or training with your team. We start with a consulation call to see what your current skillset is and what your training goals are. Then, we develop a custom course just for you, (or your team,friends, or family), and agree upon time, date, location, and pricing. Pricing for Private Lessons: Sim Range starts at $600 for 4 hours. Live-Fire Range starts at $300 for 2 hours.

Do I need a firearm to train with you?

Not for most of our training! You do NOT have to own, or bring, a firearm when training in our Sim Range. We provide all the weapons and gear. We also lend handguns, ammo, and all neccesary equipment needed to train if you sign-up for our Level 1 Pistol course. Otherwise, all other Live-Fire courses require you to bring your own handgun, ammunition, and equipment.

Where are classes held?

Our Live-Fire Courses are conducted at a Private Range in Lincoln, CA. Our Sim Range Courses are conducted at the Xiphos Headquarters in Rancho Cordova, CA.

How does a membership work?

Our memberships are intended to offer you various levels of training services. From a basic document to guide you through your training, to 1-on-1 training sessions at the range or in the simulator. All memberships will have a monthly fee, plus an iniital fee. The initial fee is significantly discounted for those who have taken a course with us before. Memberships also include discounts on courses that can be applied to friends and family, not just members. Additionally, there is no limit on these discounts. They can be used by multiple people for the same course, multiple courses, etc.