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+ CQB Fundamentals
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This course is not for Beginners and requires students to draw and shoot accurately from a holster. 


Level 3 Pistol was designed for students who carry a firearm for work, personal protection, competition, or those who want to take their firearms training to a higher level. This course will help fine tune your marksmanship, but focuses heavily on intermediate mechanics, manipulations, and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) fundamentals.


Those interested in taking this course must be intimately familiar with the fundamentals of shooting (Grip, Sight Picture/Sight Alignment, Proper Trigger Press & Control).

Glock wallpaper.png


Here is a glimpse of what this course will cover:

- Perfecting the draw

- Trigger Control & Reset definitions

- PID & "Shoot/No-Shoot drills"

- Transitions

- Communication

- Mindset 

- Appropriate use of cover

- 1-man & Team entries

- Types of entries

+ More


We provide all the necessary equipment required for use during the course, but if you own a double stack Glock and would like to use your own holster, please bring it with you. (Can be concealed or exposed).

*Please make sure you are wearing a belt so you can use one of our holsters. 

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