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+ Intro to Home-Defense & Self-Defense
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Level 1 Pistol is an introductory course developed for brand new shooters who are taking their first class, considering purchasing a firearm, or just bought their first firearm.

A Firearms Safety Certificate, (FSC), is issued to students (at no cost) as a part of this course. An FSC is required by the State of California to purchase a firearm. Read more about Firearms Safety Certificates here.


Upon completion, students will be able to confidently demonstrate proper use of a handgun and will have a better understanding of which firearm is appropriate for them and their personal needs. 

Glock wallpaper.png


Here is a glimpse of what this course will cover:

- Nomenclature & parts of the handgun

- Safety

- Proper Grip

- Sight Picture & Sight Alignment

- Trigger Press

- Stance & Posture

- Communication

- Mindset 

- Cover & Concealment

+ More


We provide all the necessary equipment required for use during the course.

We also cover the costs of the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) (Usually $25-$35)

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